Tour operator information for Entertainment Cruises

Travel Professional Partners

Entertainment Cruises' travel industry specialists provide exceptional service to our domestic and international tourism partners. They'll provide you with all the information your clients and tour groups may need about our dining cruises, sightseeing tours and private yachts — and help you plan an amazing event.

We've got ships in several fascinating locations throughout the United States, so you have plenty to choose from. Your group's going to love cruising.

Our travel industry specialists:
Liz Gilbert - National Director, Travel Industry Sales
Jay Baskowski - Boston, MA
Alexandra Medina - Chicago, IL
Charles Millet, Jamie McCullagh, and Yadira Bedon - New York, NY & Weehawken, NJ
Simone Brehon Evans - Norfolk, VA
Randi Berman - Philadelphia, PA
Jeanne Van Vladricken & Debbie Morroni - Baltimore, MD & Washington DC