History of Entertainment Cruises

Our History

We've been cruising for more than 35 years.

Entertainment Cruises' roots date back to 1978 when the Spirit of Norfolk was christened and began cruising the historic Elizabeth River. Today, we have 30 boats across nine locations and host more than 1.9 million guests each year. Our shipmates feel privileged to share in our guests' special celebrations - and help make their experiences with us memorable. 

Some important dates in our history:

  • 1978: Spirit Cruises is founded in Norfolk, Virginia
  • 1978-1988: Spirit launches in Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC
  • 1991: Odyssey launches at Navy Pier in Chicago
  • 1993-1995: Odyssey expands to Boston and Washington DC
  • 1996: Seadog, a speedboat excursion and architectural tour, is introduced at Chicago's Navy Pier
  • 1998: Mystic Blue begins cruising in Chicago
  • 2006: ICV purchases Odyssey, Seadog and Spirit Cruises forming Entertainment Cruises
  • 2007: Entertainment Cruises purchases Baltimore's Harbor Cruises
  • 2010: Seadog Baltimore launches and Atlantica (a private yacht charter) begins operating in New York
  • 2012-Today: Entertainment Cruises expands its Elite Private Yachts fleet to five private yachts serving Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC
  • 2014: Entertainment Cruises purchases Windridge Yacht Charters and the Chicago Elite (a private yacht charter) begins operating in Chicago
  • 2016: Entertainment Cruises purchases Potomac Riverboat Company, expanding Washington DC area fleet