Going green aboard Entertainment Cruises

Going Green

Entertainment Cruises operates in some of the largest waterways in the United States.  Ten of our vessels cruise the tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the United States.  Our fleet of seven boats in Chicago cruises Lake Michigan which is part of the largest fresh surface water system on the planet.  And, we are committed to protecting our valuable resources by adhering to Coast Guard regulations and reevaluating our purchasing decisions. 

Each of our vessels runs on Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel, which substantially lowers emissions from the engines.  In addition, Entertainment Cruises has received EPA grants to accelerate our transition to even more environmentally friendly Clean Diesel engines.    These engines further reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency. 

Onboard, we are focused on water conservation through a number of initiatives.

  •          Reducing water pollution: Guests are reminded by signage, announcements and our crew to refrain from tossing items overboard.
  •          Raw water for toilets:  Many of our vessels pull water directly from the sea to safely flush into our septic tanks, reducing our use of potable water.
  •          Water-efficient dish washing system: Each of our dishwashing machines are capable of being calibrated to optimize the number of racks washed based on current capacity, thereby helping reduce water and cleaning supply use.
  •          Eco-friendly cleaning products: We only use non-toxic, biodegradable cleansers to wash the outer decks and exteriors of our vessels and eco-friendly detergents in our dishwashers.

Across our fleet and in our offices we have recycling programs and use recycled paper wherever possible, including our restrooms and our boarding tickets.