Entertainment Cruises hoping to bring popular duck tours to Chicago

Entertainment Cruises Hoping to Bring Popular Duck Tours to Chicago

Entertainment Cruises (EC), the nation’s largest dining and sightseeing cruise company, is dedicated to creating unforgettable memories for our guests. With a fleet of 30 ships in eight markets, the Entertainment Cruises portfolio includes iconic brands that provide a unique way to experience our cities. Founded and headquartered in Chicago, last year the Chicago team cruised with about 500,000 guests and employed a staff of over 400.

In developing the potential Chicago Ducks operation, Entertainment Cruises is partnering with Ride the Ducks International (RTD), the largest manufacturer and operator of amphibious vehicle attractions in the country. Combining EC's and RTD's vast experience in marine, amphibious and tourism operations forms the foundation for the safest, most successful operation of its kind for Chicago.

Thinking and working safely is one of the core principles of the hospitality program that defines our company culture, and the new Duck Tours operation would reflect these high standards for safety. Chicago Ducks will operate new, state-of-the-art amphibious vehicles manufactured in the USA and equipped with the newest technology. All vehicles will be piloted by licensed EC captains & continuously trained through Entertainment Cruises' marine training programs. EC has always and will continue to partner with the United States Coast Guard in oversight of all personnel licensing, training, and all vehicle manufacturing and maintenance.

A unique showcase of the city by land and river, Chicago Duck Tours will add to the city's list of world-class attractions, support Chicago's tourism growth goals, and create new jobs. Our organization is excited to bring Chicago locals and tourists of all ages a unique way to experience the city.